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Mothers Day is around and it is every kids goal to surprise their moms. Today I am gonna share few DIY easy Mothers Day themed gift ideas that anyone can make in minutes.


Things required

  • chart paper
  • oil pastels
  • cellotape
  • scissor
  • thread

Cut a piece of white chart paper and fold it in the middle like a long bookmark greeting card. Now stick small bits of cello tape to spell MOM on the front surface of card ( you can also watch the video below). When that’s done take oil pastel shades of your choice and fill the entire surface, even over the cello tape. Then with your fingertip blend the colors. Cleaning fingertips in between will prevent any unnecessary smudging. While blending you will find the color above the cello tape will be completely removed showing white background.  Now you write the message for your mom inside the card or at the back. Punch a hole at the top and tie a thread around it. Your DIY bookmark is done.

Earring Holder

Things required

  • thermocol piece
  • chart paper
  • White glue
  • needle/safety pin
  • Oil pastel/crayon/pen

Take a rectangular piece of thermocol and wrap it with paper. Now with a pin/needle make holes over it, each 1 cm apart. Write the message for your mom on front surface and on the back side apply double sided sticky tape. Your DIY earring holder is ready. Stick it to the place where you want and insert in earrings in the holes.

Secret Message Box

Things required

  • match box
  • chart paper
  • crayon/oil pastel
  • glue
  • pen

Empty up the match box and cover the outside of the box with paper. Now measure the inside dimensions of the match box and cut a long strip of paper. This paper must fit inside after folding it. Now write the message for your mom, like I wrote the line from the famous storybook “ Guess how much I love” which was “Mom, I love you to the moon and back”

Hope you enjoy making these DIY projects…..:)


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