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I want to share with you delicious Mango ice-cream recipe which can be easily made at home and can be enjoyed with whole family.

Like everyone else I prefer homemade ice-cream  rather than store bought ones for my son, as we all are aware even good brands have some or the other additives in their ice-cream to increase its shelf life or to make it taste better.

You will need only few ingredients for the Mango ice-cream I am making

  • Full ripen Mango – 400 grams ( Approx)
  • Fresh Cream – 250 ml ( Chilled preferred )
  • Condensed milk –1 ¼ cup or 400 gram

How to Make 

Step 1- Mango – Peel the whole mango and cut it, then put the 3/4 portion of cut mango into grinder to make puree and keep remaining 1/4 portion apart for later use.

Step  2 – Fresh Cream  – Take chilled fresh cream- 250 ml – in one bowl and whip it to make it soft and fluffy – this is done to incorporate more and more air into the cream which actually makes the ice cream smooth.

Step 3 – Condensed Milk – Add condensed milk – 400 gram – to the whipped fresh cream and then add the mango puree and whip the mixture again until everything is completely mixed.

Step 4 – Pour the mixture in a bowl and keep it for 30 mins in freezer to semi set.

Step 5 – Take out the semi set ice-cream and add remaining 1/4th portion of the finely chopped mango and make ripples in the ice cream with the help of spoon, this gives a  great natural texture and taste to the Mango ice cream.

Step 6 – Put it back in the freezer and let it set.

Fresh cream and condensed milk combination always works as it has the least amount of water content which avoids crystal formation after setting and results in smooth and creamy textured ice cream.

I hope you will enjoy this simple Mango Ice cream recipe, link from below,




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