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A baby not just fills the space in our hearts but also every room in our home. A new parent struggling to manage a baby at home, feels like going through a nightmare when they have to go outside along with the baby. Sometimes these situations are completely unavoidable, be it vaccination trips or otherwise doctor visits, may be even an emergency travel. So packing a diaper bag or I would rather prefer baby bag efficiently will not only reduce your stress but it will also prevent any chaos during unpredictable situations.

how to pack diaper bag with printable checklist

How to pack diaper bag for newborn and toddlers

Click here to download and print the Diaper Bag Checklist

Diaper Bag Checklist

Diaper changing kit

Diapers – I use to put pant style diaper from house and in need of change I prefer diaper with Velcro tags. They are easy to put on new born and small babies. Regarding quantity, less in never better. I consider one diaper per feed for the time we will be outside. For toddlers obviously the number decreases.
Baby wipes – They serve myriad tasks from cleaning baby bums to wiping hands, face, toys, surfaces etc
Diaper changing mat/Quick dry sheet – They provide a sanitized surface for laying baby and the waterproof layer prevents wetting. I liked dry sheets as they absorb all the spills while diaper changing and easily packed back.
Disposable bag – Always keep these stocked in your bag or in the car.
Baby cream/powder – to apply on the baby bum.
Hand sanitizer – It is always better to adopt a habit to use hand sanitizer frequently when handling babies.


Baby bottle (expressed breastmilk/formula) – it must be stored in a bottle warmer
Baby bottle/Sippy cup with water
Hot water thermos
Formula/Baby cereal in airtight container
Juice/Milk/Snacks for toddlers
Burping cloth– saves you from regurgitated spills
Bibs – It keeps baby’s clothes from getting wet during feeds.
Nursing drapes/Shawl – for breastfeeding in public places
Set of napkins


Extra onesie – easy for diaper changing
Shirt and bottom set
Hooded jacket – love them during winters
 Head cap
 Hooded baby wrap/Sling
 Blanket

Play n Fun

Toys (rattles/musical toy/small plush toy)
Quiet book/Busy book/Activity book
Small board book
A small mirror – Kid loves to see themselves in mirror and play with it for hours.
Colouring books and crayons for toddlers


 First aid kit (band-aid, antibiotic cream, diaper rash cream, saline drops etc)


Snacks/Juice/Water – breastfeeding leads to hunger pang, so be ready with some calories.
Extra set of clothes/top – In case it is spoiled by vomiting or leaking of breastmilk
Breast pads – to absorb any leakage of breast milk
Nipple cream (for sore breasts)
Tissue paper
Small wallet with money and ID
Mobile/Tablet – with downloaded rhymes for offline viewing
Essential keys and contacts (emergency contact no., paediatrician etc)
Tickets and baby’s original birth certificate(if travelling)

Diaper bag checklist

List of all essentials for diaper bag

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  1. I have been using these saline drops since my daughter was 5 months old. They are really helpful for loosening up congestion so the she can get a better nights sleep …

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