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Magnetic Doodle Board

Magnetic Doodle Boards

Doodle magnetic drawing board is the most underrated learning toy, I feel which has endless possibilities. One day I was sitting and writing something in my journal, my son who is 18 months came and started observing me. He then took away the pen from my hands and started scribbling on the page. While doing so he was so thrilled and I wanted him to have this fun but without the risk of sharp poking pens and pile of tore papers. Crayons and color pencils were also not an option because it takes split of a second for him to take a bite of them.

Doodling is drawing anything freehand when you are relaxed. Actually it is a method to distress for adults. So I started searching for doodling toys and I ended up with two options aqua doodle sheets and doodle magnetic drawing boards. Aqua doodle sheets were a bit costly compared to the doodle boards and requires patience till it dries up for drawing over it again. While magnetic doodle boards just need a swipe to clean them free.

So i decided to buy the magnetic ones but there were so many options in size, color (of magnetic dust) and various shapes to draw with. I ordered two of them one was large for everyday play which was black and white, other was small, very handy and colorful for travels and car. Vanshu fell in love with it and he just scribbles over it all day long. His most favourite play and learning activity is to draw ABC alphabets. He sometimes also asks me to draw different shapes; and when it comes to erasing the thing drawn, he won’t allow anyone to touch. Sliding the bar to erase what is drawn is far more fun for him compared to drawing on it.


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